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7 June 2021                                        "ALL SALES INCLUDE A 45 DAY WARRANTY"

all laptops come with an ac adapter

Laptops, AC adapters included.

2016 15” MacBook Pro. 2.9ghz i-7 quad core, optional 4GB Radeon Pro 460 video card, 16GB Ram, 500gb ssd. Very Good Condition. This is the

top of the line for this model year. Cost over $3000 new. Works and looks great.


2015 13” MacBook Air, 2.2ghz i-7 processor, 8gb ram, 500gb ssd (top of the lineup for MacBook Air) Very good condition


2012 15” MacBook Pro Retina, 2.3ghz i-7 quad core, 16gb ram, 500gb ssd, protective cover. OS 10.15.7 Catalina installed



2017 21.5” 4k iMac, 3ghz i-5 quad core processor, 16gb ram, NEW 1tb ssd


2017 21.5” 4k iMac, 3ghz i-5 processor quad core, 32gb ram, NEW 1tb ssd


2017 27” “Big Dog” 5k iMac. I call this big dog because it was the most powerful iMac for 2017. This has the optional 4.2ghz i-7 processor,

4gb Radeon Pro graphics video card, a BRAND NEW 1tb ssd, and the original 250gb ssd, This has 24gb of ram, and can hold 64gb.



None at this time

Bargain Basement, all sales final.

Late 2008 MacBook Aluminum, 2ghz core 2 duo, 4gb ram (can support 8), 500gb hard drive. Good battery and ac adapter $100.

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